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Autumn/Winter 2022, Vol. 30 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2022) 30, 12-18

Original Article

Assessment of efficacy of narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy in the treatment of chronic foot eczema: A longitudinal study


D Dsouza, N Joseph, M Kuruvila


Background: Foot eczema is a chronic debilitating condition that presents a psychosocial burden on patients and often follows a long course which is frequently refractory to conservative therapies. Aim: To conduct a prospective study to assess the efficacy of narrowband ultraviolet B (NBUVB) therapy for chronic foot eczema. Methods: Twenty patients with foot eczema participated in the study. NBUVB therapy was administered twice weekly for 12 weeks. Clinical findings, such as erythema, itching, induration, desquamation, and fissuring, were scored every four weeks for a period of 12 weeks. Results: The mean age of patients was 27.8±15.3 years. Their ages ranged from 4 to 55 years. Majority of patients were female [14 (70%)]. History of atopy was present among four (20%) patients. Thirteen (65%) had foot involvement while seven (35%) had both hand and foot involvement. Of the 20 patients who completed the study, eight (40%) had excellent response, eight (40%) had good response, three (15%) had partial response, and one (5%) had poor response to phototherapy. Average number of sessions required to produce >75% response was nine, with an average dose of 900 mJ/cm2. There was a significant difference in all the clinical scores from baseline and at the end of 12 weeks (p<0.001). Conclusion: NBUVB therapy is a safe and effective treatment for patients with chronic foot eczema and can be considered as first-line treatment.

背景:足部濕疹是一種慢性身心折磨的疾病,抗病持久藥石無靈,給患者帶來心理社交的負擔。目的:進行一項前瞻性研究以評估窄譜紫外線 B光照治療對慢性足部濕疹的療效。方法:20名足部濕疹患者參加了本研究。窄譜紫外線 B光照治療每週兩次,為時12週。臨床發現包括紅斑、瘙癢、硬結、脫屑和龜裂,每4週進行一次評分,共12 週。結果:患者平均年齡為27.8±15.3歲。他們的年齡從4歲到55歲不等。大多數患者為女性 [14 (70%)]。四名(20%)患者有異位性體質病史。13 名 (65%) 足部受累,另7 名 (35%)則手和足部皆受累。在完成研究的 20 名患者中,8 名 (40%) 反應優異、8 名 (40%) 反應良好、3 名 (15%) 有部分反應和1 名 (5%) 對光療反應不佳。產生 >75% 反應所需的平均治療次數為 9 次,平均劑量則為 900 mJ/cm2。基線和 12 週結束時相比,所有臨床評分均存在顯著差異(p<0.001)。結論:窄譜紫外線 B光照治療對慢性足部濕疹患者是一種安全有效的治療,可以考慮作為第一線治療。

Keywords: Eczema, foot, hand, phototherapy

關鍵詞: 濕疹、足、手、光照治療