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Autumn/Winter 2022, Vol. 30 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2022) 30, 4-11

Original Article

Retrospective review of rituximab treatment in pemphigus disease in a single tertiary dermatology centre


SY Tan and NS Chandran


Pemphigus is a rare autoimmune blistering disorder. Rituximab is a useful therapy to avoid prolonged steroid use and its resultant side effects. We reviewed pemphigus patients that were treated with Rituximab at our centre. We found that Rituximab was effective and well tolerated with a nadir of Pemphigus Disease Activity Index and anti-desmoglein level at 6 months. Most patients only had clinical relapse of disease after 15 months.

天皰瘡是一種罕見的自身免疫性水皰病。利妥昔單抗是一種有用的療法,可用以避免類固醇的長時間使用及其產生的副作用。我們回顧了本中心接受過利妥昔單抗治療的天皰瘡患者,發現利妥昔單抗有效且耐受性良好,天皰瘡疾病活動指數和橋粒芯糖蛋白抗體水平俱在6 個月時達至最低點。大多數患者的疾病臨床復發都是在15個月之後。

Keywords: Desmogleins, pemphigus, rituximab, steroids

關鍵詞: 橋粒芯糖蛋白、天皰瘡、利妥昔單抗、類固醇