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Spring 2021, Vol. 29 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2021) 29, 5-12

Original Article

Clinicohistological analysis of plasma cell cheilitis: 20 cases


H Choi 崔煇, DH Shim 沈東炫, CH Na 羅贊鎬, MS Kim 金珉成, BS Shin 申奉錫


Background: Plasma cell cheilitis (PCC) is a rare inflammatory disease that occurs on the lip. It is common in elderly people and important a differential diagnosis is actinic cheilitis. Objective: To analyse the clinical and histopathological features of plasma cell cheilitis. Methods: PCC patient's characteristics, treatment method and response, histological findings, and clinical course were evaluated. Results: Of 20 patients, nine (55%) experienced a complete response without relapse and eight (40%) were included in the relapsed group. A band-like infiltration of plasma cells was observed in the dermis of all specimens. Conclusion: As PCC is likely to relapse, periodic status checks and treatment may be necessary.


Keywords: Cheilitis, plasma cells, plasma cell cheilitis

關鍵詞: 口唇炎、漿細胞、漿細胞口唇炎