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Spring 2020, Vol. 28 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2020) 28, 25-29

Case Report

Eruptive mid-dermal elastolysis: report of a case and brief review of the literature


EÖ Durmaz, D Duman, E Sezer, ED Çetin, S Şahin


Mid-dermal elastolysis (MDE) is a rare, acquired, idiopathic disorder of elastic tissue, characterised clinically by macules and plaques with superficial fine wrinkling and histologically by focal loss of elastic tissue in the reticular dermis. Herein we present a 26-year-old female patient with eruptive MDE and briefly review the current literature. Except for stressful life events recently, no causative factor could be elicited from personal history. A trial of topical medications was ineffective both in reducing the unsightly appearance and in halting MDE progression. Awareness of the condition and reporting of successful therapeutic experiences might enable appropriate management of affected patients.


Keywords: Anetoderma, elastic tissue disorders, elastolytic disorders, mid-dermal elastolysis

關鍵詞: 皮膚鬆弛症、彈性組織疾病、彈性溶解疾病、真皮中部彈性組織溶解