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Summer 2018, Vol. 26 No. 2

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2018) 26, 52-57

Original Article

Microneedling for atrophic post-acne scars: is it effective? A prospective study of 36 cases at a tertiary care centre

微針對萎縮性痤瘡後疤痕是否有效? 在一所第三級醫療中心的36個病例的前瞻性研究

K Varma, S Bhargava, U Kumar


Atrophic acne scars, the most common sequel of acne vulgaris are always a challenge to treat. Though many new modalities including chemical peels, soft tissue augmentation, lasers (non-ablative, ablative and fractional), subcision and radio frequency have been used. Microneedling stands out to be the cheapest, easiest and most efficacious modality in Indian skin type. We evaluated its effectiveness as the sole modality for treating atrophic acne scars. We found that there was an overall improvement in 91.8% patients by at least one grade. There were no serious complications except transient pain, erythema and oedema for 3-6 hours.


Keywords: Acne, Atrophic, Dermaroller, Microneedling, Scars

關鍵詞: 痤瘡、萎縮性、微針滾輪、微針、疤痕