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Autumn 2017, Vol. 25 No. 3

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2017) 25, 109-114

Original Article

Safety of long-term doxycycline administration: a retrospective study


J Lee 李在元, EJ Kim 金銀知, HS Park 朴炫宣, HS Yoon 尹鉉善, S Cho 趙昭衍


Background: There are concerns over the side effects and the development of resistance after long-term intake of doxycycline. Objectives: To evaluate the safety of long-term intake of doxycycline in Korean patients. Methods: In patients who were taking doxycycline, demographic and clinical data were analysed retrospectively. Results: Among the total of 569, low therapeutic effect was claimed in 6.3% and true adverse effects were seen in 6.5%. The rate of cessation due to a true adverse event was 2.0%. Conclusions: Since the occurrence of side effects was low and the majority of the side effects were well-tolerated, doxycycline is a fairly safe medication.


Keywords: Doxycycline, drug resistance, long-term use, safety, side effect

關鍵詞: 多西環素、耐藥性、長期服用、安全、副作用