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Spring 2017, Vol. 25 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2017) 25, 41

Dermato-venereological Quiz

Dermato-venereological Quiz

FC Ip 葉方正

A four year-old girl was brought by her mother to the dermatology outpatient clinic for patchy hair loss for four months. The girl had enjoyed good past health and there had been no systemic symptoms. She was asymptomatic. Physical examination revealed a large patch of alopecia over the vertex and parietal scalp area (Figure 1).

Figure 1


  1. What are the clinical features presented?
  2. What further bedside test(s) and investigations would you consider?
  3. What is the diagnosis?
  4. What further history would be helpful in identifying the aetiology?
  5. What are the management options?