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Spring 2017, Vol. 25 No. 1

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2017) 25, 13-21

Review Article

Dermoscopy of non-pigmented skin lesions: a literature review


S Thomas, X Li 李小紅, HP Soyer


In this article, we will review benchmark dermoscopic features of non-pigmented skin lesions used in the diagnosis of amelanotic melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and other non-pigmented lesions, described in previous literature. We will also evaluate the six common vascular patterns observed via dermoscopy, while discussing the relevant associations.


Keywords: Amelanotic melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, dermatoscopy, dermoscopy, non-pigmented skin lesion

關鍵詞: 無黑色素性黑素瘤、基底細胞癌、皮膚鏡檢查、皮膚鏡檢查、非色素性皮膚病變