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Autumn 1999, Vol. 7 No. 3

H.K. Dermatol. Venereol. Bull. (1999) 7, 104-107

Original Article

Factors Influencing the Effect of Valaciclovir in Treating Acute Herpes Zoster

TS Au, KK Lo, LY Chong, KM Ho, KH Lau and CN Look

We conducted an open multicentre study to examine the factors that may possibly influence the effect of valaciclovir in treating acute herpes zoster. Forty-two patients were enrolled and 36 of them completed the study. They received valaciclovir 1000mg three times per day for one week. The median duration of zoster-associated pain was 21.5 days. Forty-two per cent of patients had pain lasting more than 28 days and 11% had pain longer than 24 weeks. Age of the patient was found to be an important predictor of the duration of zoster-associated pain; older patients tend to have chronic pain. Weight, body mass index, duration of rash before starting treatment, duration of pain before starting treatment, duration of abnormal sensation before starting treatment, sex and body region involved were not found to have statistically significant association with the outcome of treatment.