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Autumn 2016, Vol. 24 No. 3

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2016) 24, 135-139

Case Report

Mastocytosis: the other great mimicker in dermatology


R Ramalingam, AM Affandi, N Azizan, TG Ng, BR Lee


Mastocytosis represents a disease spectrum characterised by mast cell hyperplasia in one or more organs, with the skin being the most commonly affected organ. Due to its highly variable cutaneous manifestations, it is not uncommon for mastocytosis to closely resemble certain dermatological diseases and therefore, may be easily misdiagnosed. Here we report two extraordinary cases of mastocytosis with variable cutaneous lesions mimicking two common dermatological diseases. We also hope that by highlighting these cases, mastocytosis would be considered as an important differential diagnosis when encountering dermatological diseases with diagnostic dilemmas.


Keywords: Cutaneous lymphoma, leprosy, Malaysia, mastocytosis

關鍵詞: 皮膚淋巴瘤、痳瘋病、馬來西亞、肥大細胞增多症