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Autumn 2012, Vol. 20 No. 3

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2012) 20, 121-124

Case Report

A young gentleman with reticulated hyperpigmentation: a case of prurigo pigmentosa


EKY Yau 丘潔怡 and KC Yau 游高照


A 21-year-old Chinese man presented with four years' history of recurrent itchy erythematous papules and reticulated hyperpigmentation over the upper back and chest wall. The diagnosis of prurigo pigmentosa was made. Treatment with oral doxycycline resulted in reduction of pruritus and no emergence of new lesions. Clinical features, histological features and treatment of prurigo pigmentosa will be discussed.

一名二十一歲華裔男子,因為在過去四年內,其上背及胸口不斷重覆出現發癢的紅色丘疹和網狀色素沈澱而求診。其診斷確立為色素性癢疹;施以口服多西環素治療後,患者皮膚瘙癢減少及沒 有新的病變發生。本文將討論色素性癢疹的臨床表現、組織學特徵及治療等。

Keywords: Prurigo pigmentosa, reticulated hyperpigmentation

關鍵詞: 色素性癢疹,網狀色素沈澱