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Autumn 2012, Vol. 20 No. 3

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2012) 20, 106-110

Review Article

If you think you can safely ink, beware of the masking effects of tattoos


T Ly and S Lee 李啟焱


Once associated with criminals, sailors and circus sideshow artists, tattoos are no longer taboo. These days, tattoos are adorned by high-profile people in the press, on television and in magazines. More and more people, both young and mature, are acquiring tattoos. This is particularly so in western countries. However, tattoos are not without potential risks. The risks include infections, physical trauma and other skin reactions. Meanwhile, there is increasing concern regarding chemical toxicity of tattoo inks. Another risk which may have been neglected is the danger tattoos pose in masking cutaneous disease and malignancy.

曾幾何時,紋身與罪犯、水手和馬戲雜耍藝人畫上等號,現已不再是禁忌了。這些年,紋身時尚在報刊、電視和雜誌中的潮人身上不難發現。現在更是不分老幼,對紋身趨之若鶩,以西方國家為甚。但其實紋身不是零風險的,風險包括感染、物理創傷及其他皮膚反應。與此同時,有越來 越多的關注聚焦在紋身油墨的化學毒性上;而另一種被忽視的風險,則是紋身掩蓋了皮膚疾病和惡性腫瘤的危險。

Keywords: Beware, masking effects, skin diseases, skin tumours, tattoos

關鍵詞: 提防,隱蔽效應,皮膚病,皮膚腫瘤,紋身