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Winter 2007, Vol. 15 No. 4

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2007) 15, 179-185

Review Article

Basic concepts of evidence-based clinical audit

PT Chan 陳寶德

Clinical audit has gained popularity nowadays. By generating criteria based on data drawn from properly done clinical trial, clinical audit acts as a balance to weigh our performance in healthcare delivery against evidence-based guideline. The basic steps in clinical audit involves choosing a topic, setting up criteria and standards, measurement of performance, implementing changes and second performance measurement after changes implemented. The basic principles in all these steps are discussed in this article and psoriasis patient care will be used to illustrate the principles in setting criteria and standards. The ultimate aim of clinical audit is improvement in quality of healthcare. It is hoped that readers can have a basic grasp of clinical audit and are stimulated to have in-depth study and subsequently carry out one in their own practice.