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Autumn 2007, Vol. 15 No. 3

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2007) 15, 113-117

Original Article

Pattern of pigmented skin tumours seen by private practitioners in Hong Kong

KM Leung 梁啟文 and KW Chan 陳健慧

In 2005, we received 1,323 pigmented skin surgical specimens for pathological examination in our laboratory. The pattern of lesions seen and their clinical correlation are analysed and presented. Cases were retrieved from our surgical pathology archive and pathological diagnoses were reviewed and correlated with the clinical characteristics and patient demographics. Of the 1,173 cases of clinically diagnosed melanocytic lesions, 948 (80.8%) were confirmed pathologically. Only 20% of melanoma and 47.6% dysplastic naevi were correctly diagnosed pre-operatively. Dysplastic naevus was more common among Caucasian population. There were differences between Asian and Caucasian patients in tumour size, tumour location and age at presentation. Benign naevus was the most commonly encountered pigmented skin lesion. Melanoma and dysplastic naevus could not be reliably distinguished clinically from benign melanocytic lesions. All excised pigmented lesions should be sent for pathological examination.