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Spring 2005, Vol. 13 No. 1

H.K. Dermatol. Venereol. Bull. (2005) 13, 54-55

Dermato-venereological Quiz

Dermato-venereological Quiz

LY Chan 陳來源, WY Lam 林永賢, WYM Tang 鄧旭明

A 83-year-old Chinese female presented with mildly itchy rash over her trunk for five months. The rash began from her thighs and later also involved her back, neck and upper limbs. Precipitating factors such as sunlight or drug were not noted. There were no systemic symptoms. Her past health was good. Physical examination revealed multiple annular lesions with erythematous border and central clearing without any epidermal changes (Figure 1). Sensation was intact. There was no nerve enlargement. Examination of scalp, nail and mucosa were normal. Laboratory investigations including complete blood count, liver and renal function tests, fasting blood glucose, anti-nuclear factor were all normal. Histopathology of a lesion was shown (Figures 2 & 3).