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Winter 2005, Vol. 13 No. 4

Hong Kong J. Dermatol. Venereol. (2005) 13, 193-199

Original Article

The prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in successfully referred regular heterosexual sexual partners of clients diagnosed with uncomplicated gonococcal genital infection

KK Lo 盧乾剛, KM Ho 何景文, PT Chan 陳寶德

Background: Partner notification is important in sexually transmitted infection (STI) management. The aims of the study are to document the prevalence of STI in regular heterosexual partners of gonorrhoea clients and to analyse factors associated with the presence of gonococcal infection in partners. Methodology: This was a pilot study based on a retrospective chart review on newly diagnosed gonorrhoea clients and their regular heterosexual partners, who were successfully referred to the same Social Hygiene Clinic between 1st October 2004 and 30th April 2005. Results: A total of 99 pairs of gonorrhoea case and partners were identified. Thirty partners (30.3%) had no STI on screening. The other 69 partners (69.7%) had STIs and among them, gonorrhoea was present alone in 28 partners (40.6%), gonorrhoea was present together with other STIs in 19 partners (27.5%) and STIs other than gonorrhoea was present in 22 partners (31.9%). Thus by epidemiological treatment of all 99 regular partners, early treatment of gonorrhoea could be given in 47 partners (47.5%). Multivariate analysis failed to detect any factors associated with gonococcal infection in partners. Conclusion: Gonorrhoea and other STIs were frequently present in regular heterosexual partners of gonococcal clients and thus partner notification should be carried out.