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Spring 2004, Vol. 12 No. 1

H.K. Dermatol. Venereol. Bull. (2004) 12, 44-45

Dermato-venereological Quiz

Dermato-venereological Quiz

SY Cheng 鄭秀儀

A 58-year-old man was diagnosed to have acute myeloid leukaemia. He was started on induction chemotherapy consisting of doxorubicin and cytarabine. One month later, he developed multiple painful erythematous plaques and nodules on his face, upper limbs and trunk. He had also been given multiple drug treatment within two weeks before the onset of rash. The drugs included fluconazole, clarithromycin, allopurinol, ceftazidime, vancomycin and acyclovir. He was febrile with gross hepatosplenomegaly. Skin examination showed multiple tender 3-10 cm sized, erythematous and oedematous plaques on face, upper limbs and trunk (Figure 1). There was no mucous membrane involvement.