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Summer 2004, Vol. 12 No. 2

H.K. Dermatol. Venereol. Bull. (2004) 12, 106-107

Dermato-venereological Quiz

Dermato-venereological Quiz

SCK Ho 何正綱

This 17-year-old man presented at the age of four years with easy splitting of the nails which subsequently became dystrophic (Figure 1). Skin rash appeared on sun-exposed areas a few years later. On examination, the skin on the chest was atrophic with both hypo- and hyper-pigmentation and telangiectasia (Figure 2). Subsequently, oral lesions also appeared (Figure 3). He also suffered from dental caries, dysphagia and multiple infections (recurrent oral candidiasis, staphylococcal infections). Investigations showed a pancytopaenia with haemoglobin level of 9.0 g/dl, total white cell count 3.0x10 9 /L and platelet count 90x10 9 /L.